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Using Affiliate Programs to Get Images for Your Website

Have you ever wanted to use an famous image, movie poster, or book cover on your site, but were afraid to because of copyright law? One way to use many of these types of images legally is through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs offer a commission for sales created when people buy products through links from your website. When you link to individual products, they normally allow you to put the image of that product on your site--that includes images for products like posters, movies, and books. The following two affiliate sites have an excellent variety of images.

All Affiliate Program
All posters has posters of famous artwork, movie posters, celebrities, cartoons, etc. Whatever your site topic, you should be able to find images related to it. All sorts of images that are protected by copyright are available for you to use legally through this site if you are an affiliate.

Examples of graphical links (smaller thumbnail images are also available):
Audrey Hepburn
Buy posters at
Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Buy this Poster at Associates
Amazon has images to almost any book cover you can think of, plus CD covers, movie covers, and various other items. These are great for using on book, music, or movie reviews sites, as well as general sites about literature, music, and movies.

Examples of graphical links.

These are all product links. To get links/images that look like these you need to choose "Customize Link" when making the product link, and choose Basic Display, Large Image.

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