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CBU Authors Bookstore

Books authored by Cal Baptist faculty, staff, and alumni.

Books are organized alphabetically by author. To find out more about the book, including how you can buy it, click on the title.

NOTE: Although I am relatively sure that all these titles are by CBU authors , it is possibly that some of them are by authors which share the same name. If you know that any of these titles are NOT by someone from CBU, or if you know of other books by CBU authors who are not included here, please e-mail me at

Keith Eades

Reading the Hebrew Bible for a New Millennium : Form, Concept, and Theological Perspective
Edited by Deborah Ellens, Michael Floyd, Wonil Kim, Marvin A. Sweeney. Includes the article "Divine Action and Human Action: A comparaitve Study of Deuteronomy 26:1-11 and Haggai 2:10-19" by Keith Eades.

Avery Fouts

Religion and Its Relevance in Post-Modernism : Essays in Honor of Jack C. Verheyden: Contains an essay by Arvery Fouts, assistant professor of philosophy and humanities: "A Phenomenology of Religiousness A"

Dr. Norene Murphey Hokett

Main Street Was Two Blocks Long

Karen Johnson

Indonesia : A Study of the Educational System of the Republic of Indonesia and a Guide to the Academic Placement of Students in Educational Institutions
by Karin Johnson, Wendy Gaylord, Gerald Chamberland

Easy Does It 1 : Fluency Activities for Young Children
by Barbara A. Heinze, Karin L. Johnson

Easy Does It 2 : Fluency Activities for School-Aged Stutterers
by Barbara A. Heinze, Karin L. Johnson

Fluency Companion : Strategies for Stuttering Intervention
by Barbara A. Heinze, Karin L. Johnson

Dr. Daven Michael Kari

T.S. Eliot's Dramatic Pilgramage : A Progress in Craft As an Expression of Christian Perspective

A Bibliography of Sources in Christianity and the Arts

Baptist Reflections on Christianity and the Arts : Learning from Beauty : A Tribute to William L. Hendricks by William L. Hendricks (Editor), Daven M. Kari (Editor), Darrell d Gwaltney

Dr. Raquel Lebredo

I've found 15 different Spanish language books by Raquel Lebredo. You can find out about all of them at
Books by Raquel Lebredo

Dr. Stephen Pallady

Irony in the Poetry of Jose De Espronceda, 1826-1842

Dr. Edwin Reed

Francis Bacon Our Shakespeare

Bacon and Shakespeare Parallelisms, 1902

Dale "Geno" Robinson

Intersecting Lives: Roadmaps for Ministry to Young Adults.

Willow City Press, 1998.

This book was published through the auspices of the California Southern Baptist Convention, 678 E. Shaw, Fresno, CA 93710. The book is available from the Convention, Attention Mr. Dennis Schmierer or from the author at the address below for $13.00.

Dale "Geno" Robinson
Associate Pastor,
Cypress Avenue Baptist Church
5709 Cypress Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608

Dr. Daniel Skubik

At the Intersection of Legality and Morality : Hartian Law As Natural Law (American University Studies, Series V Philosophy, Vol 97)

Dr. H. Bruce Stokes

Integration of Behavioral Sciences and Theology

Dr. Susan Struder

The Teachers' Book of Days : Inspirational Passages for Every Day of the Year

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