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College Resources

Alumni Directories ~ Ratings Sites ~ Textbooks

I've put together some resources for my sites related to California Baptist University and Dallas Baptist College.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or know of a web page you think should be added to this site, please e-mail me at

Alumni Directories

Excellent alumni database. Allows you to post pictures and other information. Has a forum for each school, and other fun features.
One of the longest standing alumni directories. More people are listed here than any other directory I've been to.

Rate Your School/Professors

Teacher Ratings
Place where you can rate professors from various colleges (including CBU) and check how others rated them. Great site to look at before registering.

Ratings Online
Another place where you can rate and find ratings for your professors and classes. Very detailed set-up. Few ratings as of yet, but we can change that. :-)

A place to rate college and Universities on various factor. Speak your mind!

Buy, Sell and Trade Textbooks
Buy new and used textbooks.
Only new books, but has some not available at Amazon.
A good site for comparing textbook prices (both new and used). Compares various online booksellers.

Swap Simple
A website for trading textbooks.

Book Swap
A website for buying, selling, or trading textbooks.

Alumni Directories ~ Ratings Sites ~ Textbooks

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