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DBU Authors Bookstore

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Dr. Dave Arnott
Professor at DBU

Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization
By Dave Arnott. Hardcover (October 1999)

Dr. Jim Nelson Black
Professor at DBU

Becoming a New Man : Daily Spiritual Workouts
by Jim Nelson Black(Editor). Hardcover (September 1997) by Jim Nelson Black(Editor). Hardcover (September 1997)

Church Boy
by Kirk Franklin, Jim Nelson Black (Contributor). Paperback (September 1998)

I Have Seen the Kingdom : A Revelation of God's Final Glory
by Kingsley A. Fletcher, Jim Nelson Black (Contributor), Myles Munroe Paperback (March 1998)

Power, Money & Sex : How Success Almost Ruined My Life

by Deion Sanders, Jim Nelson Black (Contributor), T. D. Jakes. Paperback (August 1999)

When Nations Die : Ten Warning Signs of a Culture in Crisis
by Jim Nelson Black. Paperback (September 1995)

Character & Destiny : A Nation in Search of Its Soul
by D. James Kennedy, Jim Nelson Black

Managing the Student Yearbook : A Resource for Modern Yearbook Management and Design
by Jim Nelson Black

You Gotta Believe! The Story of the Charlotte Hornets
by George Shinn, Jim Nelson Black.

Mary Neel Green
DBU Alum

The Okapi : Mysterious Animal of Cong-Zaire
by by Susan Lyndaker Lindsey, Mary Neel Green, Cynthia L. Bennett, Susan Lyndaker Lindsey (April 1999)

What Am I?
by Mary Neel Green. Paperback (April 1999)

Louis S. Lapides, M. Div, Th. M.
DBU Alum. Was interviewed for a section of the following book:

The Case for Christ
By Lee Srtobel. (2000)
An excellent readable apologetics book. It offered answers to many of the questios to many of the questions that have shaken my faith.
This book can also be found at Family Christian Stores for around \\$5, or for free if you can not afford to buy it.

Jamie Lash
Professor at DBU

This Was Your Life!: Preparing to Meet God Face to Face
by Rick Howard and Jamie Lash

A Kiss a Day: 77 Days in the Love of God from the Song of Songs
by Jamie Lash

James Danny Moore
DBU Alum (2003)

From Darkness to the Light
by James Danny Moore

Dr. David Naugle
Professor at DBU

Worldview: The History of a Concept
By Dr. David K. Naugle and Arthur Frank Holmes

Brenda S. Smith
DBU Alum (1992)

The Best Kept Secrets for Winning Scholarships
By Brenda S. Smith. Also see her website at here.

Dr. Todd Still
Former professor at DBU

Conflict at Thessalonica: A Pauline Church and Its Neighbours (Journal for the Study of the New Testame Series, 183)
By Todd D. Still

Kathleen Krebbs Whitson
DBC Alum (1970)

Bill Jason Priest, Community College Pioneer
By Kathleen Krebbs Whitson.

If you know of any other books written by DBU students, or in which DBU students are featured, please e-mail me about them:

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